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Dripping Bread Sandwiches 1955

When it comes out of the frying pan - It brings happiness to your eyes.

Today it is now Thursday afternoon
Time to go in and get my tea
Will it be something really exciting
The answer, what is to be will be

As soon as the front door opens
A burning smell catches my nose
I can guess the frying pan is on
But that is how life sometimes goes

Dad is cutting up some fresh bread
A door step is their each and every size
When it comes out of the frying pan
It brings happiness to your eyes

The bread is lobbed on to a plate
Time to just dive in and help yourself
It is no good being a slow eater
Or you will be left on the shelf

With the first slice of bread
Just let your teeth sink straight in
You will never see any left on the plate
For that would be a mortal sin

As you chew away with joy
The beef dripping runs down your chin
Your tongue then gets into over drive
As you lick it up with haste and a grin

Many such simple things in life
Was what people would only have had
Even though money and times were tough
I will give ten out of ten to dad

No posh sandwiches for our tea
Just the easiest of good food each day
Always be thankful for small mercies
Then your life will be happier I will say

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