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Dogger Bank 1965

Our little boat hops from wave to wave.

Photo of North Shields fishing fleet

North Shields fishing fleet

As we tow the fishing net along
The swell has started to rise
It is time to get the gear on board
Or we might take a nose dive

The waves are now getting bigger
The wind is starting to really blow
Time to close the engine room door
Or else we will all have to row

Now as we start to head home
The Tyne’s piers come into sight
The waves are getting huge
It has given us all a fright

Our little boat hops from wave to wave
Like a bronco horse in full flight
If and when we make it back to port
We will all be thankful tonight

Only a few hundred yards to go
But it seems more like a mile
Nothing that is said to the crew
Can make them break out into a smile

Now we have entered the river’s piers
Slowly the swell starts to drop and ease
The crew are smiling and happy now
Gone are the looks that could freeze

Little boat brought us safely home
She beat mother nature’s temper today
The next time it could be different
We could be going Davy Jones’ Locker way.

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