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Dedication of St Columba, Wideopen, 1983

The large procession escorted the Bishop into the new church.

Photo of St Columba's ChurchWhen we’re out and about with the project, people sometimes bring us interesting documents to look at. At an event in Wideopen in October 2005 we were able to look at the order of service for the dedication of St Columba, Wideopen on 9th June 1983. We were wondering if anyone remembers this event, or has memories of the church itself and the activities that it supported.

The service was held in the presence of the Bishop of Newcastle, Right Reverend A.A.K. Graham and Reverend J.G.Mitchell, Chairman of the Newcastle District of the Methodist Church. All the clergy involved gathered outside the church, while the congregation waited inside. When everyone was ready the Churchwardens ceremonially asked the Bishop if he would dedicate the church. Then the large procession escorted the Bishop into the church. During the service the Bishop gave the homily, although the service sheet doesn’t say what he talked about. During the service St Chad’s Chapel was also dedicated and this again involved a procession and blessing.

We have been told about other church dedications in this area and usually they are followed by a social event. There isn’t any mention of this in this particular service sheet, but it’s more than likely one was held.

So, if you can remember this particular event, or if it jogs your memory about something similar somewhere else, please get in touch with us so we can extend our store of memories about important events like these.

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