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Clive Street Shops (1956)

All the shops look busy and neat.

As we make our way past Frazier’s Ship Chandlers,
All the shops look busy and neat.
You could buy all sorts of ships stores,
From the likes of cheese right through to meat.

We go to one called ‘Nana P’s’,
Poloutis was the shop’s proper name.
It sold all types of dried goods,
From soap to bags of whole wheat grain.

When you walked into the shop,
It was a pitch-black room, long but not wide.
The smell was really weird and creepy,
But the service was with a smile of pride.

All the kids would call her ‘Nana P’,
She was a dumpy little sweet thing.
But if you said something out of line,
She would clout your ears and make them ring.

How old Nana P really was to us,
I guess we will never ever know.
It is a pity progress is coming to the low street,
For these old shops will soon have to go.

Nana Poloutis was a hundred I bet,
But she did love all us kids you see.
It was a sad day to see her and the rest go,
Now lost in the world of the low street HISTORY.

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