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Christmas and Easter

Mother used to hard boil eggs in onion skins, which made them a nice shade of brown.

We didn’t get the toys the kids get today.  We had a woollen stocking filled with nuts and fruit and sweets, with some new pennies in the toe and perhaps a 6d toy from Woolworths.  They never sold anything that cost over 6d. Then, Marks and Spencer kept everything no more than 5/-d or under.  One could get a good dress for 4/11d.  They didn’t have the posh then, only bazaar-type places; there is one in the Grainger Market even now, but the prices are different.

Granny always used to buy us all a chocolate Easter egg from Woolworths because they used to write any name on in white icing.  Mother used to hard boil eggs in onion skins, which used to make them a nice shade of brown; we used to jarp (knock the pointed end of the eggs together) each other’s egg to see whose would be the first to break.

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