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Chocolate and Senna

Chocolate has never tasted so good!

I used to meet my father from work as it was on the route home, Potter Street. I also got a penny from my father to buy some sarsaparilla from Kimber’s the ice cream shop, hot in winter and cold in summer. Kimber’s was also in Potter Street which was the ‘high street’ of Willington Quay. Our great treat, when father was in work, was the two penny bar of Cadbury’s chocolate given to us all in bed on Sundays. Chocolate has never tasted so good.

What wasn’t so good was mother coming with the sulphur and treacle now and again, also in bed. She was a great believer in dosing us with spring medicine. Then sometimes it was senna leaf tea. She tried to fox us by putting sugar and milk in and offering it as a cup of tea. It’s worse than senna pods, I can tell you.

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