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Children Playing

Drivers always considered the children who were out playing.

In 1955 very few residents had cars (we had one) and they were all put away at night.  Drivers always considered the children who were out playing and we parents were quite happy checking on them every so often. The children played with skipping ropes, often on the road when it was an all in together game. They played ball games but restricted to smaller balls, like tennis balls.  Sometimes two girls would play their form of tennis, one standing each side of the road (on the pavement) and playing across to each other.

There was CANNON (so-called because of a tin can). Two teams, often one boys and one girls on opposite pavements, with a tin can in the centre of the road with sticks of wood placed across. The players would take turns in trying to topple the sticks and the can and, when they scored, they would be running about to claim the ball etc. and to begin again, replacing the can and sticks.  There were occasional complaints from older residents about the noise this game caused but all would quieten down with quieter games.



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