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Bus Conductress

A couple of times a week a dog got on the bus.

Bus Conductress

My brothers and sisters and I were called up but, as my father needed someone to look after him, I was allowed to stay at home. I was told I had to go on the busses as a conductress. My route was from Percy Main to Blyth. If there was an air raid while we were on the road it was up to the driver to decide what to do.

A couple of times a week, a dog would get on the bus at Percy Main. He would lay down under the stairs and then when we arrived at Blyth he would get off the bus, go for a short walk and return just before we left for the return journey.

One night a young sailor got on the bus. When I went to collect his fare he handed me a packet of biscuits that he had found on the seat. As he was getting off the bus he told me he felt like eating the biscuits instead of handing them in so, on the spur of the moment, I gave them back to him and said, “you didn’t find these biscuits and I didn’t give them back to you”.

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