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Appleby Street (1956)

I have no qualms about the good old days for I am pleased I was there for the ride.


Photo - watching the tugs

Watching the tugs work

This was to be a real happy street
All the neighbours used to be friendly and care
But since it was bought by Smiths Docks
It is now pulled down and the houses are no longer there

You had the good old wash house
Which stood at the bottom of the yard
So when you climbed upon the roof to look out
You could watch the river tugs working hard

As you looked down into Smiths Docks
You could see the drydocks as plain as day
Ships getting pulled in and out of dock
Some already repaired set to be on their way

The good old loo was outside as well
In summer that was quite all right
But when the snow was on the ground
It was no fun to go through the night

You would tip-toe down the yard
Then be as quick as you possibly can
But in winter it was always the same
The water was frozen solid in the pan

The old houses made you rough and tough
But you took all draw backs in your stride
I have no qualms about the good old days
For I am pleased I was there for the ride

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