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An Old Cottage – memories of a happy childhood

Sitting in the evenings snug by your hearth warmed by a lovely fire.

It is a sad sight now my childhood home
A storeroom now with padlocks on the doors
Ignored by passers by who are more intent on
reaching the comforts of the nearby hotel

Sturdy and strong you were
A shelter from the elements
You knew the sound of children’s laughter
The joy of a happy family

In springtime the birds built their nests in your eaves
The squirrels came every morning and sat on the
windowsill to have the breakfast mum had prepared

In summer nestling among the trees and flowers
Picnics in the garden amid the drone of the bees and
The dancing butterflies
The gentle smack of ball on racket from the tennis court

The sound of footsteps walking through the fallen leaves
The path through the trees a carpet of gold and russet
The sight of nature preparing for sleep
The feeling of sadness, but we knew spring would come

A world of snow and ice in a winter wonderland
Jack Frost stinging fingers and toes
Sitting in the evenings snug by your hearth warmed by a
lovely fire
Thinking about Christmas and all the fun still to come

Waiting for the awakening of nature and rebirth of life
into God’s good earth, which no one will ever be able
to destroy completely
Slumber on little house to whatever the future may hold
You may hear again the laughter of children and be
cared for by a loving family. I pray that it will be so.

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